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Many people have idea’s for products but not many people actually have the guts to proceed with making it. This is because of the misconception of barriers to development, the overall investment needed and not having the confidence to do it by themselves. That’s where we come in. EPower Corp teamed up with many startups and inventors to provide a proven roadmap for providing product development, production, logistics, and post-production services all in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Startups that have worked with us have been able to do the following:

  • Launched Kickstarter campaigns that have funded millions of dollars 

  • Developed, manufactured and shipped their products to big box stores nationwide 

  • Created prototypes to present to investors and received funding

The most rewarding part is that all of the startups we have worked with have had the confidence to develop more products with us.



GOAL: Produce a functional working and aesthetically appealing prototype

At this stage, we engineer the solution for what the market needs. Prototypes will be made to test the functionality of the design and to prove the overall concept is accepted. Once the prototype is made and confirmed, you are now able to present this to investors, distributors, crowdfunding campaign, etc… This prototype can be used to check the market and to gather market feedback. If needed, additional changes will be made in order to adapt as necessary to incorporate critical aspects of the market feedback.


The main components of Development Services include: Engineering, Industrial Design, Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Prototypes, Costing & Investments, Sales & Market Planning.


GOAL: Quickly provide you with a high-quality product

Tooling is completed, orders have been placed and now it’s time to launch into production and ship per the production plan. This stage can be prolonged, as long as the product is in production, we will remain in the Production Services stage while integrating other steps to improve the product and process.


Additional steps at this stage typically include Quality Analysis, Cost Reduction Projects, and Competitor Analysis. 


GOAL: Gather market feedback and act as needed

When customers start using your product, you have a good idea of what the customer feedback is. We will be able to pick up on some customer feedback trends about the user ability, functionality, and additional products that might go well with that product. From there, we can act on the feedback to improve the overall product and to create new products that compliment your existing product. 

Having a product but not being able to move it is basically useless. We have worked with a number of offline and online retailers. This is another stage that also lasts for the entire length of the product lifecycle. Together, we will create innovative plans to build awareness and drive sales. 


The following steps are taken at this stage: Develop Sales Channels, Improve Inventory Control, and Additional Product Development.


GOAL: Successfully build a bridge for development through production for your product/idea

The common way a new startup or inventor looks at his or her invention is that they are on an island surrounded by water and their ideal place is somewhere off the island or across the chasm. With this invention, product or idea, the island is seen as the life they've always dreamed of having. However, they look to the right and left and there are no clear answers or modes of transportation to reach success (i.e. product development and production). No ships, no boats, nothing to get them to the other side. Therefore, they are left thinking of what the island could be like if they could just find a way to get to the other side.


EPower Corp provides the foundation, experience, and roadmap for building a bridge to your success. We work with startup partners to provide them with a solid foundation to safely and successfully cross the bridge.


The main foundational elements we provide are Market Research, Development & Engineering, Production & Supply Chain Consolidation, Product Launch, Marketing, Sales & Distribution Planning and more.


There is no exact calculation of when startups should approach a contract manufacturer or a future partner. However, we always recommend that you get in contact with them at the development stage in order to bring your product to life as efficiently and economically as possible. 


EPower Corp is viewed as the "Development and Manufacturing Partner" for our startups. This is because we have created and understand the product development and production process, we hold a strong advantage due to our experience, production lines, engineering team and other supplier and manufacturing partnerships. On the other hand, our proven process lets clients focus their time on what they do best, building markets, distribution channels, and partnerships to ensure the success of their products. With this approach, we can successfully develop, build and launch products as economically and efficiently as possible.