Global Supply Chains - Is It Really That Difficult?

The goals of companies are usually to improve sales output, improve customer experience, expand distribution networks and things along those lines. Very rarely do you hear a company say that they want to invest further into their supply chain…. so, why do companies make it so difficult when it’s clearly not bringing in as much money as a department that generates revenue, like sales? People and companies tend to overcomplicate their supply chains. The majority of companies, unless you have hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, should simplify their supply chain, especially if all of the products they make are within the same industry. Having a supply chain team that dedicates themselve

Different Types of Plastics

Plastic injection molding is the most popular method to manufacture parts. With thousands of types of injection molding plastic materials to choose, each coming with its very own composition and characteristics, it can be daunting for entrepreneurs, product designers, and the like to select the right plastic material to manufacture their product. If this isn’t intimidating enough, also consider most plastics can be altered to enhance their strengths as well as their impact and heat resistance. This means a new set of trade-offs in cost, strength, flexibility and surface finish. With thousands of potential combinations to choose from and so much on the line it is highly suggested to consult

Case Study - Development To Production

A prospective Client contacted EPower Corp about a planned heating element product that was made of aluminum and stainless steel. Unfortunately, due to constraints from their engineering team, they were unable to confidently define the right materials, specify the needed finishes and address other factors that stalled the development and delayed production. To expedite the speed of development to production, they asked for our input and then contracted the project to us. Challenges In order to bring this product to life as efficiently as possible, there were some concerns with the initial product design. The Client faced a number of challenges in which they needed an experienced team to quic


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