Why Develop a Product With a Contract Manufacturer

Originally Published on The journey from idea to the actual launch of a new product is a long process that requires the collaboration of multiple parties. The manufacturing partner is quite often the party that fails to hold their own weight. However, with due diligence and establishing a relationship with the right contract manufacturer (CM) will provide your company with a number of added strengths. Partnering up with a CM that provides development resources will free up more of your company's resources to focus on product sales and marketing. Avoiding duplicating other people's work In the past companies have sourced products from manufacturers that have pre-existing tools fo

Another Quality Problem? You Need to Take These 6 Steps!

Have you ever been kept up at night worrying about production quality issues? If you are a product creator, chances are you have. Having rejected parts shipped or even worse, landing in the hands of your customers is a scary thought for any brand. Of course, you would rather catch these issues during processing and assembly. Nonetheless, when issues do occur, your factory needs to be quick on their feet to develop a plan to resolve these quality problems. Any factory claiming to have never had a quality issues is flat out lying to you. No factory has ever gone through production without any hiccups. Only the best factories can control quality and ensure rejected parts don’t leave their faci

How to simplify your global supply chain

Originally Published on TradeReady The truth is that many businesses tend to overcomplicate their supply chains. Unless they are taking in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, most don't make it a top priority to simplify their global supply chain, especially if most of their products fall within the same industry or product category. Many, if not most businesses also don't invest enough in a supply chain team dedicated exclusively to sourcing product parts and components, planning production and arranging assembly. Their reasoning? It takes resources away from the principal goal, which is generating sales. More companies are beginning to realize the added benefits of partnering with


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