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For your assembly and finishing needs, EPower Corp is considered one of the most dependable contract manufacturers in China. We serve companies looking for high-quality services, short lead times and competitive pricing.

How EPower Looks At Assembly?
EPower Corp started off as one assembly line years ago and we haven’t lost a sense of our roots. We have a deep understanding of how to combine the flow of material within the assembly line, while balancing all stations to eliminate any potential bottlenecks and to incorporate quality checks at key area’s.


Over the past 12 months, EPower's line capacity has increased output capacity per operator by 12%

EPower Corp 



  • Responsiveness - The whole EPower operation has been optimized for faster response times on quotes and questions

  • Improved Quality Control - We have the essential tools to make objective decisions to main high-quality standards

  • Improved flexibility - We have the capability to make samples and high volume production runs and everything in between

  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing) - EPower offers DFM services to many customers to make sure their design is optimized for manufacturing efficiency and quality

  • Subassembly and Finishing - Laser etching, ultrasonic welding, sewing, pad printing, plating, part decoration and more

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Unlike many of our competitors, we have been able to continuously grow because we offer a wide range of turn-key services geared toward quality contract manufacturing, including plastic injection molding. Additionally, to improve the cost advantage and quality of your products, EPower Corp engineers often help customers with new product redesigns including the specification of different materials better suited for the project.


To discuss your project and get invaluable input from an experienced contract manufacturer, please contact EPower Corp for a free consultation.


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