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We work with a number of well-established brands that were looking to simplify and improve their overall manufacturing experience. Our main goal of working with existing brands is to consolidate their supply chain and reduce their overall costs of operations.


When consolidating products to EPower Corp, we will provide you with a number of services that focus on improving your overall efficiency, decreasing your costs and shortening your lead times.


Our goal with existing brands is to consolidate your development, prototyping and supply chain needs into one company, which means more efficiency, lower costs and a simplified process for you.


Consolidating developmental, prototyping & production services under one roof has many benefits. These benefits are geared around efficiency, quality, pricing and eliminating risk. 


Improved Development to Launch Efficiency: With one company taking over development, prototyping, and production, there is a clear understanding of your product's needs from day one and throughout all stages of the product. Along with understanding your needs, consolidating with one company will eliminate the miscommunication that often occurs when dealing with multiple vendors.

Improved Quality: One centralized quality system has a much higher chance of catching defects rather than multiple factories with their own quality systems. Consolidating your supply chain into one company that understands the quality requirements of your company will create a more comprehensive approach, including more objective quality standards for all your products.


Improved Prices: You will see a reduction in both product and shipping costs by consolidating with EPower Corp. Having EPower Corp purchase materials and build your products will let you reach economies of scale faster. Also, we will consolidate your shipments which will lead to better pricing and reduced costs. 


Reduced Risk: With fewer suppliers to manage, you can focus your energy on one supplier and a more streamlined process. In addition, the risk of leaked confidential (i.e. intellectual property) or private information is eliminated by consolidating with one supplier. 


Improved Supplier Relations: Building trust and a solid relationship with your supplier is very important. When consolidating with one supplier you can focus on building a long-term partnership that leads to greater value, improved efficiency, higher quality, and lower overall costs. ​​


Not one person can improve your overall supply chain and product production process. EPower Corp relies on the collective minds our entire team to improve your product. Whether it’s quality issues, pricing issues or lead time issues, our teams are set up to improve your current situation. 



  • Cost reduction projects 

  • DFMA (Design for Manufacturing & Assembly)


Project Management:

  • Costing 

  • Supply vs demand analysis 



  • Improvement of the overall production process flow

  • Creation of objective quality reports



  • Cost down projects for raw material & outsourced parts

  • Improved lead times



  • Cost reduction projects for products manufactured in-house

  • Lead time improvements ​

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