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1. Why do I need to use a contract manufacturer?

  • A contract manufacturer provides you with the services, facilities and equipment that you otherwise would not have access too. If you’re looking to scale up production or need state of the art facilities then a contract manufacturer is your ideal partner so you don’t need to open your own plant.
  • A contract manufacturer can also be your ideal partner because some can provide you with development and investment services needed to launch and scale up your production of your product.

2. How do I choose a contract manufacturing partner?

The key characteristics for choosing a contract manufacturing firm is trust and realiability. A contract manufacturer that has the experience with the materials and processes that your product needs is critical. Furthermore, having experienced engineers that can provide you with DFM (design for manufacturing) services and other development services is crucial as well.

3. What are the characteristics of a successful contract manufacturer?

  • Quality - Does your current manufacturer meet your quality requirements? EPower Corp is a leader with providing high quality contract manufacturing with less than 1% of shipments having defects.
  • On Time Delivery - Does your current manufacturer ship out on time? EPower Corp understands that the schedule that we commit to much be met. We have a strong reputation for shipping products on time so it doesn’t impact your delivery commitments.
  • Support - Does your current manufacturer support you beyond basic production needs? EPower Corp does not shy away from providing input to improve your product, reduce production costs, or improve overall design for manufacturing. We excel in finding potential design flaws and providing solutions to decrease the costs, improve quality and reduce waste. We go the extra mile to ensure that your manufacturing experience is smooth and that each product will be made and shipped out on time. That’s what makes us a leader.
  • Cost/Value - Does your current manufacturer provide you with the best value that you are paying for? If your not working with EPower Corp then you might not be getting the best bang for your buck. At EPower Corp, we use certain indicators, such as ROI, to provide objective calculations of our cost/value and how we are saving you time and money.

4. Can EPower Corp help me to scale up production?

EPower Corp has a proven track record of helping clients meet aggressive manufacturing schedules while staying focused on cost and quality. Our teams and processes are set up in order to launch and scale up each product that we manufacturer.

5. What is a turnkey solution and can EPower Corp provide this service?

  • A turnkey solution is when another party takes on the responsibilities of the manufacturing process from beginning to the end. This process can include the steps for development, material purchasing, shipment and other functions of a contract manufacturer. Each of these steps lead to increased costs and having a contract turn-key manufacturer take responsibility of these steps will lead to lower overall costs.
  • Having EPower Corp be your turnkey contract manufacturing partner will simplify your processes, reduce production costs, solve engineering issues and launch your product as effectively and efficiently as possible. EPower Corp has extensive experience with all aspects related to contract development and manufacturing. When partnering with us, we look at the following: minimizing material costs, lowering production costs, decreasing shipping costs, improving your cash flow, slashing your inventory and more.

6. Do you offer cost reduction projects?

EPower Corp understands that to stay ahead of the competition constant cost reviews are needed to keep everyone on their toes. For all projects, we will evaluate your situation and provide guidance on how to lower costs and improve quality. For new products, we excel in choosing materials and processes that are more competitive without sacrificing quality.

7. What is your area of expertise?

  • From a manufacturing standpoint, our bread and butter is metal fabrication, plastic injection molding and full assembly. However, we can also consolidate our clients supply chain which see’s us get involved with soft goods as well.
  • From an engineering standpoint, we are able to take an idea, concept, or a napkin sketch and provide you with the resources and expertise to get this idea into a 3D CAD file stage, then a sampling stage, and of course to the mass production stage.

8. Who is my point of contact at EPower Corp?

We understand that communication is a critical part of developing and sustaining a partnership. Your point of contact will be with an American or another native English speaker that can guide you through the process and answer questions. At EPower Corp your point of contact will remain the same throughout the entire manufacturing process to ensure consistency and avoid frustrating personnel transitions.

9. What is needed to get a quote and what’s the time frame?

In order to get a quote as quickly as possible it’s best to provide: 1) a bill of materials (if you don’t have this then we can make this as well); 2) engineering 2D & 3D drawings; 3) the quantity and any extra specifications that are relevant. We understand that not everyone have all of these documents readily available. If this is the case, just let us know, we can help properly create the needed items.

10. How does EPower Corp protect my IP?

EPower Corp has developed and strictly follows very serious protocols for protecting your IP. The majority of our projects are completed in house with our own production lines and people. Additionally, our plastic injection molding and metal fabrication facilities include our own tooling workshop to ensure that everything is done in house and confidentially. For outsourced parts, the supplier is only aware of what they are making so they never see the final product.


1. Where does your development process start?

Our development stage can start with a napkin sketch or an idea concept stage. We have a production development team that provides solutions to those who are new and unfamiliar with the process. We believe that it’s prudent for companies/people with new ideas to partner with us as early in the development stage as possible to ensure a smooth transition into production and to make sure that it’s done as economically as possible.

2. What prototyping services do you offer?

We provide a wide range of prototyping services for everything from plastics (3D printing) to metals (CNC milling and lathe). In addition, we can also provide you with samples for products that are outside of our production line scope, such as soft goods.

3. How can you guarantee a smooth transition from samples to production?

Everything completed in first stage of development can be successfully produced in production. EPower Corp engineers have a proven track record of being able to bring an idea to life and moving it into mass production. We guarantee that if we develop your product then it can be successfully produced 100% of the time.

4. How effectively can you stay within a specified budget and a schedule?

Our project managers have years of experience with budgeting, planning and time management. We track and follow up projects to make sure that they are first on time and secondly within the pre-planned budget. Before we launch into a development project, we have an in-depth meeting to assess the time that is needed and then the investment that will be required. With our experience, we can help you understand each step and process, plus the time and investment needed throughout each and every phase.