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Our Vision: We believe startups and SMEs can come up with great products that can revolutionize their industry. 

The Market: We saw a huge gap between large CMs that took on small projects and small CMs that had the knowledge, drive and commitment to support them. 

The Solution: EPower started their own production line to fill this gap. 


We get it, all companies start off small. They just need some help and guidance so they gain traction and get noticed. This is why we are committed to providing resources and expertise to pioneers looking to revolutionize their industry. 

Previously, as most entrepreneurs and executives have experienced, doing business with a Chinese contract manufacturer was difficult, time-consuming, and exhausting. We have been in those shoes for a long time before we decided that we had the passion, connections, and mindset to make a change.


We opened our first production line that employed five people. Only a few years later, we have a number of different production lines with over 400 employees.

In-House Production (1).JPG
CNC - Front.jpg

Our rapid growth comes down to several factors: 

  • Proactive nature

  • Western management principles 

  • Investments into our team, services and facilities

  • Transparency 

  • Protection of customer IP

Since the beginning, we've maintained strong morals while helping customers grow and these beliefs have led to our ongoing success.

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