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Laser Cutting


We continually update our technology and reinvest in our processes to remain current and in line with our goal of being a leading contract manufacturer. In utilizing our own wide range of factory resources and pre-approved vendors we are able to provide you with a great product at a competitive price. Our well-designed work instructions and process flow charts have been created to avoid confusion, eliminate bottlenecks and to simplify the entire process.


EPower Corp manufactures a wide variety of products, using only the highest quality materials and top-of-the-line technologies. Each production line is operated by trained employees and equipped with top quality tools specifically suited for line and product.


Owning our own facilities and production lines gives us the power to be a "on stop shop" contract manufacturer focused on quality, responsiveness and competitive pricing. This allows us to provide:

  • Experienced Engineers on the Shop Floor

  • Manage the Complete Manufacturing Cycle

  • Improved Customer Service (Real-Time Updates)

  • Be a Single Source Manufacturer with Supply Chain


Assembly1 (1).JPG


EPower specializes in complex assembly that involves bringing in parts from our own production lines and bringing in sub-components from our vendors. For each new project that comes in, our production engineer and quality engineers come together to optimize the design of each production line.

With our online tools and fixtures, we are able to assemble any product. We also maintain quality tools and gauges on the line to ensure only acceptable products can move forward in the process. 

Final assembly uses the resources of production, quality control, project management, supply chain and HR. We pool all of these resources together to ensure that every single part arrives to the final assembly line on time and with the correct quality. 

CNC - Front_edited.jpg


We have invested heavily in our CNC department and currently have 15 machines. Now, all of our hard material fabrication has been taken out of conventional machining and replaced with CNC. Advantages of going with EPower for your CNC needs:

  • Quick Lead Times - fast cycle times + machine availability equals quick lead times.

  • Uniformity - The output will be the same time after time, consistency with quality

  • Scalability - Enter in the design parameters and it can execute huge quantities

  • Operator Retention - We invest in and train our operators to operate multiple machines at a time



EPower specializes in manufacturing complex and high precision stamped parts. Our engineers can also help improve your design to make sure your parts are manufactured accurately, competitively and at the quality needed. EPower Corp specializes in the following:

  • Output - EPower has the capabilities to produce high quality stamped parts

  • Engineering - We can tweak designs so the end product is consistently what the client needs. We can also provide cost-effective solutions for your stamping needs

  • Finishes - We can provide you with any finishes that you need, such as anodizing, powder coat and more. 

Plastic Injection Molding


Our engineers and technical staff have years of experience with designing, machining, and qualifying molds. We can provide you with the grade of steel that best suits your business while also choosing the resin to ensure high-quality output and a sustainable design . Advantages of going with EPower for your injection needs:


  • Understanding the Materials - We have experience with thermoplastics, thermosets & elastomers. 

  • Understanding the Properties -  We understand how density, shrinkage, water absorption and melt flow rate affect the end outcome of the final product

  • Understanding the Mechanical Function -  We know the tensile strength, tensile elongation, elasticity and hardness to help you chose the perfect plastic for you

Project Management.JPG


To consolidate your supply chain, we open up our supplier list to you. Before we were a factory, we were a sourcing company and during these times, we built partnerships with hundreds of suppliers. that are still strong today. ​We have built our very credible and reliable suppliers based off of years of them providing us with acceptable price, quality, lead time, speed, communication and support.

We have set up this supply chain to make manufacturing products as easily as possible. You can leverage not just our production, engineering and other teams but also our supply chain team for parts and materials for your product. 

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