For your lathe needs, EPower Corp is considered one of the most dependable contract manufacturers in China. We serve American companies looking for high-quality, short lead times and competitive pricing.

In Simple Terms, What is Lathe?
The part being processed spins within the workspace and approaches a fixed cutting tool. When the cutting tool comes in contact with the part, it marginally slices off parts of it. With the part spinning, lathes are ideal for parts that need symmetry around a specific point. Lathe machines are quickly overtaking the conventional processes due to improved consistency, reduced setup time, and lower overall costs.

Over the past 12 months, EPower has doubled the number of Digital Lathe machines to better meet customer needs.

EPower Corp 


  • Responsiveness - The whole EPower operation has been optimized for faster response times on quotes and questions

  • Greater Productivity and Less Downtime - Reduce machine setup time makes your quote more competitive, including shorter lead times

  • Reduced Investment - The price of our tooling and fixtures are less expensive making you quote more competitive

  • Improved flexibility - We have the capability to make samples and high volume production runs and everything in between

  • Consistent Quality - We continually strive to improve product quality and consistency

  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing) - EPower offers DFM services to many customers to make sure their design is optimized for manufacturing efficiency and quality



CNC Lathe can perform a number of operations, such as:

  • Drilling

  • Cutting

  • Sanding

  • Knurling and more

To learn more about our CNC lathe capabilities, please contact EPower Corp for a free consultation.




Unlike many of our competitors, we have been able to continuously grow because we offer a wide range of services geared towards metal fabrication, including lathe. Additionally, to improve the cost advantage and quality of your products, EPower Corp engineers often help customers with new product redesigns including the specification of different materials better suited for the project.


To discuss your project and get invaluable input from an experienced contract manufacturer, please contact EPower Corp for a free consultation.




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