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Seek Continuous Improvement

Every single service that we provide is a value added service which will improve the reliability of your product. Whether you are having engineering, design, quality, lead time, costing or any other issues, EPower Corp will work towards providing you with the solutions needed in order to overcome these obstacles.


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Final Assembly

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Quality Control



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Supply Chain




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To control more of the supply chain, we invest into our own machines

We have quickly and efficiently scaled up our production lines to match the demand from our clients. Recently, we have invested into our metal fabrication lines while also continuously expanding our assembly lines. With our production lines and our well established supply chain partners, we are the ideal one stop shop for your production needs. We provide the following for production:

  • In-House Production Lines

  • Final Assembly

  • Quality Control

  • Supply Chain​ Consolidation

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Our first assembly line went up in 2012 and it was the size of a two car garage

Since our inception in 2012, this department has grown to 80,000 square feet (7,500 square meters). We have been able to grow at this pace due to our consistent efforts, commitment and attention we place on final assembly. Final assembly uses the resources of production, quality control, project management, supply chain and HR. We pool all of these resources together to ensure that every single part arrives to the final assembly line on time and with the correct quality. 

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We consistently stand behind the quality of our work in production, engineering, supply chain and all of our other services

EPower has tight requirements to ensure only acceptable parts flow to the next station. These processes reflect the attitude of how each individual and team is responsible for the quality of their work. Quality issues are inevitable and will arise, which is why we have establish processes that allow us to find the root cause and eliminate it quickly and precisely. 

EPower invests on a regular basis into our people and equipment to improve our knowledge and skill sets. 

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Leveraging EPower's engineering team will accelerate product launch and guarantee quality

Our engineers specialize in optimizing your design to meet all specific quality, COGS and functional requirements. With having both mechanical and electrical engineers in-house, we can analyze your design and prototype to find solutions for your problems. We can carry out the following:

  • DFMA (design for manufacturing and assembly)

  • Thermal analysis simulation and testing

  • Tolerance statistical analysis 

  • Structural/FEA analysis and simulation 

  • Mechanical kinematic and dynamics simulation analysis



We take you from prototypes all the way to production so nothing is lost in-between

For a successful launch, many aspects of your business need to simultaneously come together. At EPower, we work with you through the development processes and verify the design by making prototypes. We are able to work with you during the first stages of prototypes all the way to the final golden sample.

Clients continually choose to work with us to first make prototypes because we guarantee if we can make a prototype of their product, we can mass produce it. 

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By choosing us, you don't just get EPower, you get our entire network of pre-approved vendors

We base credible suppliers off of speed, price, quality, lead time, communication and support. Having worked with thousands of supplier all around the world, we have a lean list of pre-approved vendors that have consistently delivered high results and provided quick solutions when needed.

If you're managing too many suppliers, or your product has too many components, our team is here to consolidate your supply chain. We provide you with our entire network so you can succeed.  

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Our project management is here to focus all their attention on you

The project manager is your point of contact. Whether it's a new development project or a product that's been in production for years, the PM is the bridge connecting our clients with all of our teams and suppliers. We hire PMs not to serve the factory, but to serve you, our clients. 

PMs are all fluent in english and communicates with you daily on the progress of development and production. They will be with you from stage one of development and planning all the way to the last shipment of any order. 



Tools are designed in-house to optimize your output and pricing

Tooling is one of the more expensive parts of manufacturing. However, understanding how to optimize the tools and the quality needed can minimize this initial investment. We have continuously save our clients tens of thousands of dollars by designing their tools for maximum output and quality. 

Tools are made to ensure that each part is made as consistently as possible. We understand how to take a product and design the tools for each individual component to eliminate quality issues and functional problems. 

Interested in Our Services? 

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Don't want to worry about shipping your product? We got you covered

EXW, FOB, DDP, ORC, HTS Code, import forms, customs bonds, etc. What do all these terms mean? Learning and applying these logistics terms are not easy and being able to learn and fully navigate your way in and around the logistics world takes practice and experience. You're welcome to use our freight forwarders whom we've vetted to simplify the logistics process and ensure you get competitive rates and high-quality service.

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