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We have built an extensive network of supply and manufacturing partners to deliver on almost any project.

EPower Corp


We have built strong partnerships with suppliers that provide high-quality parts with materials that we don’t provide in-house. As a single source provider, our goal is to make things easier and more cost effective for our customers.


With millions of suppliers in China, how do you know which ones are credible and which ones are not? We've worked with thousands of suppliers and have partnered with only the very best. With years of experience, we have vetted the best companies that deliver quality products, at competitive prices, and on a strict schedule. When you work with EPower, you don’t have the added cost and risk of finding and evaluating sketchy suppliers because we've done the heavy lifting.

  • Electronics

  • Die Cast

  • Fabric

  • Silicone​

  • Foam

  • Carbon Fiber

  • Wood

  • And others...

While our competitors usually don’t evaluate their suppliers, EPower Corp goes through great lengths to approve any supplier that we will deal with, including ongoing evaluations to ensure they continue to meet our rigorous standards. Our team evaluates future and existing suppliers based on their quality, costing, on-time delivery and service.


If any of these four factors receive a failing grade then the supplier is automatically dropped until they can prove their ability to meet our demanding criteria and service our valued customers.

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