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EPower's Growth

For those who don’t know, EPower is an American & Hong Kong owned manufacturer that has been set up with the simple western mentality and foundations that any successful western business takes for granted. Previously, we have worked with hundreds of suppliers located in China and while some were decent, they all lacked certain western foundations that ended up making business tense, awkward and doubtful. Since we all know that Chinese manufacturing isn't going anywhere soon, we took this as a clear opportunity for us to make a difference. So, strategic investments were made and then our factory, EPower, was born (of course not that simple but thats the gist of it).

Epower's Growth - Contract Manufacturing

From day one, we knew that our goal had to be a high customer retention rate. We knew that with our costs and quality that we would win over customers, but to achieve our goal, we would need to keep them permanently happy. Rather than just providing cost effective products with high quality, which comes natural to us already, we have branched out further to ensure that all current and future projects that you develop can be taken care of by EPower. So, the following pillars were formed and built on throughout our inception:

  • Flexibility

  • Quality in All

  • Engineering (DFM)

  • Confidentiality

  • Project Investment

  • Customer Service

  • Native English Speakers

  • Of Course, In House Production

Flexibility: Able to adapt to the customer rather than trying to push our policies onto the customer. A good example of this would be negotiating payment terms together rather than just telling you what it is.

Quality in All: Quality isn’t just around for production but instead audits our entire process and facilities (including the bathrooms). Quality works as an independent group to make sure we follow all work instructions, engineering specs, process’s and more.

Engineering - Design for Manufacturing (DFM): With years of experience, we have a strong understanding of how to bring design and materials together to manufacturer a product easily and economically.

Confidentiality: This is the most simple but often most failed upon area for Chinese manufacturers. Our staff is fully trained on this and we have never had any issues of leaking designs or any unethical practices. We are well trusted.

Project Investment: Every company has some financial restrictions, especially for startups. We understand these restrictions and can offer a helping hand to ensure your product can be brought to life.

Customer Service: The job doesn’t stop after a shipment. We stay tuned in and continue to be of service. We also adapt our time schedule for you, we don’t believe that time difference should be much of an excuse.

Native English Speaker: We have set up our staff to be English speakers that can relate with you. As the owner being American, he can relate, understand and offer suggestions to improve your product.

In House Production: We offer quick, affordable and reliable production. We have invested into our production lines so we can be your one stop shop manufacturer.

We have proven that with having desire and following these principals that we can not only compete in China, but become the fastest growing manufacturer in China. While our competitors are either struggling to survive or are shrinking, we have grown our labor force by more than 700% from 50 people in January to more than 400 people toady. With our history of success, we will continue to deliver on our beliefs and to also develop future pillars so we can successfully develop your supply chain or to become your single source for supply chain. We look forward to fulfilling our motto of providing western quality at our domestic prices to many more to come.

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